Diversity, Equity & Inclusion​

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lives at the center of health more human™

At Inizio Evoke, we empower our global workforce, clients, and partners alike by working to create communities of deep inclusion, belonging, and equity. We remain committed to championing health equity and to our community impact initiatives as we make health more human™. ​

Our DEI vision​

We will dedicate our time and resources to ongoing listening, learning, action, and accountability that ensure we are a change agent positively reshaping and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our industries as well as impacting greater societal injustices, especially the eradication of healthcare disparities in our global community.

Our DEI key pillars​

Our key DEI pillars were created with an emphasis on both internal and external focus areas. The key to our success is ensuring DEI is embedded across everything we do.​

Inizio is on a mission

Inizio embodies diversity from the inside out. The unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that make up our global team, give our vision and mission true strength. Discover the vibrant, unique, and local DEI initiatives that are shaping our global identity today.

We are working to create a culture where each person feels like their voice is heard and can provide a measurable impact. Our purpose at Inizio Evoke is to make health more human™. Through our DEI initiatives, we can demonstrate this purpose alongside our team members, clients, and communities.

Reid Connolly
CEO & Founder, Inizio Evoke
Let’s make health more human™