5 trends to keep on your radar in 2023

5 trends to keep on your radar in 2023


As we gear up for another exciting year at Evoke, we sat down with some of our leaders across data, creative, communications, MarTech, and media to hear their trend predictions for the year ahead.

Media: A data-centric approach

We see an accelerated move toward data-centric and data-informed media channels and tactics - allowing for more accurate targeting in areas such as the burgeoning connected TV space (CTV). This grants opportunities for Pharma brands to efficiently engage niche audiences through TV.

Harlan Schwarz, EVP, Media Marlena Connor, EVP, Media

Communications: Digging into generative AI tech

2023 Will be the year when we dig in to understand how generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and DALL-E-2 could or should deliver efficiencies and even elevate the creativity of our comms. Should we and could we tap into these technologies to give us a head-start, brainstorm, challenge our thinking, and inspire new ideas?

Maureen Byrne, President, North America

Creative: AI for inspiration

Using AI as a source of inspiration will become a well-exercised creative muscle in 2023 – not “robots doing our jobs” but an expansion of the available toolkit of artistic reference. More inspiration is always a good thing for creatives!

Rachel McCready, Chief Creative Officer

MarTech: the 3 C's

MarTech and omnichannel will be heavily influenced by the 3 C’s: context, consent, and content. Contextual will provide experiences that greater reflect customer and local market diversity, consent management and value exchange to capture first-party data and insights, and AI and automation to support modular content creation and management.

Will Reese, Chief Innovation Officer

Data: patients need seamless channel connectivity

Channel connectivity becomes paramount for life science companies' engagement with HCP's in 2023. With everybody— including Pharma—finding their footing in a hybrid work environment, seamless connectivity across all channels (both in-person and online) is no longer a goal to strive for but a true litmus test of a company's ability to engage in 2023. 

Access will depend on having quality engagements - both online and offline - given the inundation of content at the HCP's disposal. Companies need to have the appropriate inputs to make the correct decisions in assessing when to pull each lever and have the ability to analyze and refine these strategies quickly. 

Jamie Avallone, Chief Data Officer