AI more human: paving the way for the inspiring future in healthcare marketing

AI more human: paving the way for the inspiring future in healthcare marketing

Brand & Creative

By: Heidi Bell, Growth Director

In the last week, international news has been ablaze with captivating headlines revealing the remarkable impact of AI-supported mammogram screening on breast cancer detection—an impressive 20% increase in accuracy, while also halving the workload of radiologists. 

This development is just one of many this year, exemplifying the breakneck pace at which AI developments are transforming the healthcare landscape.

As an ardent "Trekker", I have long been captivated by the potential positive changes AI could bring to healthcare. First sparked by iconic devices like Dr. McCoy's Tricorder from the original Star Trek and the endearing Emergency Medical Holographic program, affectionately known as Doctor Lewis Zimmerman, from Voyager.

Today, the once-fantastical visions of Gene Roddenberry are swiftly becoming science fact, and the possibilities for AI in health appear limitless. Personally, I am beyond excited and it seems our clients share the same sentiment! At Evoke, as part of one of our many AI task forces, we engage in weekly conversations with our clients, exploring the endless potential of AI in healthcare marketing.

Here are some of the developments we've been discussing with our clients:

  1. AI-Aided Sales Materials: AI has gained significant traction in supporting pharmaceutical companies with their sales and marketing efforts. From providing doctors with up-to-date information, personalised treatment plans, and aiding decision-making, AI is becoming an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals. And from a pharmaceutical marketing perspective, AI-enhanced sales materials allow us to segment and personalise messages to HCPs and provide 24/7 total office support. 

  2. AI Virtual Health Assistants: Our clients have been seeking expertise in developing chatbots and virtual health assistants for some years now. And while these advancements won't replace the vital role of healthcare professionals just yet, they are transforming patient support. Offering round-the-clock assistance, AI powered virtual health assistants can answer questions, schedule appointments, and provide basic medical advice in a more natural, human way, enhancing both the patient experience and accessibility which leads to better engagement all round.

  3. Predictive analysis: AI's ability to analyse data trends and patterns already allows for the prediction of disease outbreaks, patient trends and adverse events. And when it comes to AI powered predictive analysis in marcomms, the future of omnichannel optimisation is already here. For example, AI is now a critical tool in patient identification, especially when it comes to personalised therapies, allowing us to reach more people and treat more rare diseases. 

  4. Generative AI: Whilst Generative AI needs to be managed in the right hands, the ability to deliver more efficiency is undeniable. Embracing Generative AI, or "Gen AI," can supercharge creative and experience resource, delivering efficiency (e.g. modular content) without compromising quality. AI powered content strategies are destined to become a game changer in driving positive behaviour change and better engagement throughout the customer journey.

At Inizio Evoke, our mantra is “health more human™”. And we firmly believe that humans will continue to play a pivotal role in ensuring the ethical use, scrutiny, medical credibility, and creativity surrounding our AI solutions. But, as we move towards an "AI more human" future, we are inspired by the boundless possibilities it holds.