Applied omnichannel: elevating your payer communications in oncology

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Keeping payers up to date with strategies for dynamic market insights

With the increasing complexity of the oncolytic landscape, omnichannel experiences can potentially increase awareness among formulary decision-makers regarding next-in-class product innovations and other market-shifting factors. When developed with market access in mind, these scalable strategies enhance the connectivity between the industry and formulary decision-makers. Getting started can be as simple as implementing a few market-access–focused approaches into your omnichannel strategy.

  1. Leverage Expert-Driven Content

    Create or re-purpose expert-driven content, like webinars or podcasts, for formulary decision-makers to provide deep dives in emerging trends and treatments. The delivery method could be scalable based on the desired investment, ranging from direct mail to custom microsites.

  2. Utilize Near-Time Digital Alerts/ Announcements

    Post alerts, press releases, and industry announcements are key communications that keep formulary decision-makers informed of the latest oncology research, drug approvals, and market trends. Compiling these relevant resources for easier consumption with near-time speed can be an impactful way to show formulary decision-makers how your organization can be a partner in oncology.

  3. Personalize & Localize Communications

    Tailor content to regional oncology practices and formulary choices to better engage decision-makers. Content strategy should be crafted with the specific priorities of local payers—such as cost control, patient results, and reducing hospital readmissions—to enhance engagement and bolster overall account support.

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