Veeva commercial summit: key themes

Veeva Commercial Summit: Key Themes


Lauren Wetmore, President, Global Content Solutions
Katie Sutherland, EVP, Director of New Business

The Veeva Commercial Summit recently concluded in Boston. Inizio Evoke Transformation had the privilege of hearing from some the brightest minds in healthcare marketing from companies like Abbvie, Bayer, BMS, and Genentech. With Veeva as a key tool to compliantly analyze and deliver, some key themes emerged across the sessions.

  1. Modular Content. The buzzword of 2023. Clients are looking to create content faster than ever before. On average it takes the industry 21 days to approve content, and this does not include the agency development time. By enabling modular reuse, brands can stop creating net new and focus on personalization of content getting to that “n of 1” vision. This will take discipline and organizational change management to adopt broadly, and it might not be right for every part of the lifecycle or organization. But modular content, the experts say is here to stay.

  2. Content Excellence. Over the pandemic, we saw more content created than ever before. Clients had to learn to communicate with their customers in new and different ways. But where it has left us, is swimming in a sea of content. It is estimated by Veeva that 80% of content approved is not leveraged. Brands must focus as much on compliantly killing unproductive content as creating it. Content strategy will become critical to ensure content aligns to established segments and personas and delivers on the personalized needs of each customer. 

  3. Data-led Decisions. The industry is in a pivotal transition. Soon, annual tactical planning will be a thing of the past. Panelists suggest that brands become more agile moving toward the scientific method: hypothesize, test, learn, and optimize. Start using data to lead all decisions and democratizing data to all to support better outcomes. Part of this is not being afraid to fail. Stop looking at testing for the sake of testing and start testing hypotheses based on data insights. 

What an amazing conference. It’s always fun to find a group of peers as passionate about content excellence as we are at Evoke Create.

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